Mechanical and Electrical Specification of the

Hi-Q-6-2-30 RT MC-4 HF Communication

Mobile and Fixed stn. Antenna.

Initially developed for the USMC for the On The Move vehicles, 2011 updates includes the NEW Mechanical tuning device to reduce the internal friction to allow a STEPPER motor tuning for precise frequency lock on the desired channel.

Mechanical details:

Loading coil is a Hi-Impact extrusion low RF absorbing Polycarbonate housing a #12 SILVER Plated Propriety copper wire imbedded into the coil’s interior.

The TUNING CONTACTOR is carrying Silver plated Pre-Loaded Brass balls to provide a smooth contact with the loading coil wire, allowing a 1.5 kW RF power handling.

Stepper motor is a size 17 located in the lower part of the antenna mast. A four wire cable with MS connector to the Hi-Q RICU controller for REMOTE tuning.


Coil assy.: 12”X5.5” with WHIP adapter installed

Lower Mast: 2’X2.5: Alu. Mil Type III. Black Anodized

Mounting: Directly on a Shakespeare Spring




Hi-Q 8’ Ruggedized SS whip

Hi-Q Mounting Stud (Shakespeare spring type)

Hi-Q Base FoldOver with Shakespeare threaded stud

Hi-Q Mil. WQD-FoldOver (Whip FoldOver)

Hi-Q RICU Stepper motor Controller, 24 VDC

Electrical details: at 1.9 MHz

Tuning frequency range; 1.9-30 MHz with an appx. 3’ whip, with an 8’ whip 1.8 MHz 22 MHz

Electrical length with 8’ whip: 10 degrees

Degree amp. 6.8

Loading Coil “Q” 500+

Antenna “Q” 125

Loss Resistance 4.7 Ohms

Radiation Efficiency: 6%

Relative radiated power: -12.2 dBi

Feed point impedance: 9.0 Ohms

Band Width @ 3.0:1 12 kc

Frequency: 4.0 MHz

Radiation Efficiency: 28%

Band Width: @ 3.0:1 18 kc

Frequency: 7.5 MHz

Radiation Efficiency: 67%

Band Width @ 3.0:1 170kc

Frequencies above 7.5 MHz where not measured as it is substantially increases upwards.

All data was measured at ideal conditions and perfect ground.

All Hi-Q Antenna series are covered by Patents.

Charles M. Gyenes