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State-of-the-art, proven design antennas for
Short (NVIS) and Long Range HF communications.



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Welcome to the Hi-Q Military Antennas Web Site


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Contact for HF Tactical Antennas : hftacticalantennas@gmail.com

     Hi-Q HF Tactical antennas for Field deployment.

Various Hi-Q HF antennas for Field Deployment. Various Hi-Q HF antennas for Field Deployment.


Hi-Q HF Tactical Fixed station antennas. 

NEW! Hi-Q NVIS Tactical Portable antenna for Quick deployment.
LIGHT HF Tactical antenna coupler box.  Light, Short NVIS Tactical antenna. 

To break up the pix : our resident Hawk!
Inside of the Hi-Q Loading Coil.  Screen shot of a Hi-Q On the Move antenna at its lowest tuned frequency. 

Screenshot of the NEW Hi-Q RT (Rapid Tuning) HF Tactical antenna.

See the TUNING time in ms. And frequency. 
The NEW RT antenna loading coil: Note the small magnet
It moves externally to show the CONTACTOR moving is < 500 ms from 1.6 to 30
The NEW On the Move HF Tactical antenna! 

The NEW "RT" (Rapid Tuning) HF Tactical antenna control unit.

The NEW Stepper Motor for the "RT" HF Tactical antenna.
It tuned the Hi-Q antenna from 1.6 to 30 MHz in < 500 ms!
The NEW PATENTED TUNING Contactor for the Hi-Q "RT" antennas. 
Inside of a Hi-Q Submarine antenna: Antenna mast, Stepper motor and
controller board. 
Hi-Q Submarine antenna under test.
Hi-Q-Submarine antenna loading coils ready for shipment. 

Hi-Q Submarine antenna parts ready for shipment.
Hi-Q- Submarine antenna parts ready for shipment. Screen shot of a Hi-Q-Submarine antenna under test. 

Hi-Q On the Move Tactical HF antenna.
Hi-Q On the Move HF Tactical antenna on a USMC vehicle.  Hi-Q On the MOVE HF Tactical antenna. 
Hi-Q-HF Tactical Antenna.

Inside of the Hi-Q "RT" On the Move HF Tactical antenna.
Stepper motor tuning, Software controlled.

Screen shot of the TUNING Software for the "RT" On the Move antennas. 

Screenshot of the SIMPLE Stepper motor tuned On the Move antenna control
Hi-Q-On the Move HF Tactical   Antenna with the simple
Stepper motor controller.
Hi-Q-Submarine Emergency Back-Up HF Antenna control box.

Hi-Q- Submarine Emergency antenna controller.

Hi-Q HF Submarine antenna under test.
Hi-Q-Stepper motor controller cartridges.

Hi-Q Submarine Emergency HF antenna.
One of the first Hi-Q HF On the Move antenna for the USMC. Hi-Q- On the Move HF antenna.

Hi-Q NVIS antenna demo at SOCOM, Coronado
NVIS antenna demo at SOCOM. Hi-Q On the Move antenna at Camp Pendleton, Ca.

Hi-Q Antennas for SPAWAR testing.
More Hi-Q antennas for SPAWAR testing. Hi-Q Antennas for SPAWAR testing.

LIGHT Hi-Q NVIS/Combi demo at Camp Pendleton.
LIGHT Hi-Q NVIS antenna at 29 Palm before deployment to Iraq. Hi-Q- On the Move at 29 Palms before deployment to Iraq.

Hi-Q On the Move antenna at 29 Pals before deployment to Iraq.

Note: We have this antenna back after over two years in COMBAT in Iraq
And working like NEW!
Hi-Q Antenna at 29 Palms USMC base,
Over 30 service man has made two-way contact with a station in Kansas!
Whereas the same radio with the Shakespeare whip had ZERO contact on the
same freq. at the same time.
The Hi-Q SUV at the 29 Palms USMC base made the initial contact to Kansas,
then with the Harris PRC-150 radio  in the HMMWV  the Hi-Q  On the Move
Made 30 more contacts.

SHORT version of the Hi-Q NVIS antenna developed for the Indian Rail Roads.
Hi-Q NVIS antenna, developed for the Indian Rail Roads.  

Hi-Q Was asked to develop an HF antenna for the SS SIMSON Submarine.
That Hi-Q antenna has now OVER 2.4 MILLION MILES A Manually Tunable Hi-Q antenna in an aircraft.
HF Tactical NVIS/Combi Coupler box.
HF Tactical Antenna in NVIS and Vertical Combination.

Depending of the DAY/NIGHT HF Propagation this antenna package will provide
SHORT and LONG Range communication
With 20 W to 1000 watts input to the antenna. 

HF On the Move antenna family.
Hi-Q-On the Move HF antenna in NVIS config. 
Hi-Q On the Move HF antenna in vertical config. For LONG distance

Hi-Q NVIS/Combi Coupler Box with the Shakespeare mount and Hi-Q Mil. Fold Over.

Hi-Q NVIS/Combi Coupler Box with Mil. FoldOver that has FOUR position.

Hi-Q Fixed Station Tactical HF antenna family.

Hi-Q On the Move HF Tactical Antenna

Hi-Q On the Move antenna that mates with the Shakespeare Mil. Spring.

Hi-Q HF antenna loading coil under COLD test= Minus   60 F.

Hi-Q  antenna components under COLD test.
Hi-Q TriPod for quick antenna set field set up.  Hi-Q  HF Antenna Accessories 

Hi-Q-On the Move HF antenna.
Hi-Q HF antenna accessories  Hi-Q-HF antenna accessories 



Latest News!

April 19, 2008 - Hi-Q "On the Move" HF antenna, on Combat Duty in Iraq. More Info...

This Picture is worth a Million Words!

April 9, 2008 - Introducing the Hi-Q-6/2-30 MC-4 HF Mobile Communication Remotelly Tunable Antenna. Specifically Developed for the USMC for On the Move HF Communication. More Info...

The Hi-Q MC-4 with the EB-8
CapHat, full height is: 7�

The Hi-Q DC Controller
for the MC-4


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