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On The Move / HF Mobile Antennas

The Hi-Q-6/2-30 MC-4 HF Mobile Communication Remotelly Tunable Antenna:

Specifically Developed for the USMC for On the Move HF Communication.

Most important features:

  1. Does NOT require an antenna coupler or any other tuning device!
  2. Antenna has only ONE Moving part!
  3. Remotelly Tunable 12-24 VDC at appx. 500 ma current draw.
  4. It has the highest RE (Radiation Efficiency) compared to ANY SHORT HF Mobile antenna designed to date!
  5. Currently manufactured versions are DC motor tuned and does not support the fast tuning for ALE. Prototype of the STEPPER motor tuned is in BETA test, it has FAST tuning response and capable to do ALE with the Motorola Micom Radio. The interface to the Harris radio is not solved yet since we cannot get Harris support! We still expect to have an interface unit from the antenna to the PRC-150 w/o Harris support to do ALE.
  6. Compact and rugged, maximum height can be as short as 7 feet, utilizing a CapHat or an Re-Entrant Coaxial Caphat, Still remotelly tunable from 2-30 MHz! For Fixed station use it can accept up to 36 feet fiberglass whip for greater RE.
  7. High RF power handling: 1.5 kW or greater if SSB mode used.
  8. Narrow, filter-like bandwidth.
  9. Other possible side benefit is now being evaluated, as it is a VERY BROAD BAND antenna in the MONOPOLE configuration, above the HF band, to high as 3 GHz!
  10. Exceptional performance when set up as an NVIS fixed station antenna.

  Pictured to the right (from left to right)...

  The Hi-Q Ruggedized MC-3 Series HF On the Move antenna.
  L to R Hi-Q-5/3-30 MC-3 Stepper motor tuning
  Hi-Q-6/2-30 MC-3 DC motor tuning
  Hi-Q-6/2-30 MC-3 Stepper motor tuning
  Hi-Q-6/2-30 MC-3 DC motor tuning

Mechanical details:
Antenna height, no whip 3 feet
Antenna with whip 11�
Antenna height with CapHat 7�
Lower mast, 6061 T6 alum. 2�
Lower Mast diameter, all black type III. anodized 2.5�
Rigidized Spring Mount�s sliding Tenon.
Loading coil diameter 5.5�
Antenna weight 12 lbs

  • Lower mast has direct fit to the style 4245-1
  • Special Hi-Impact Modified Polycarbonate, Black.
  • Folding adapter allows up to 90 degree folding of the whip to achieve NVIS Configuration.
  • Whip has a fast removal QD

Electrical details:

  • Remotelly tunable WITHOUT an antenna coupler from 2.0 MHz to 30 MHz.
  • DC motor tuning time from 2-30 MHz is < 30 sec.
  • Stepper motor tuning time from 2-30 MHz is < 4 second
  • Stepper motor tuning time from 2-30 MHz in 1 MHz steps is < 1 second
  • VSWR over the 2-30 MHz range is < 2.5:1
  • Usable bandwidth without retuning and maintaining < 2.5:1 @
2.0 MHz 20 kc
5.0 MHz 70 kc
8.0 MHz 150 kc
12 MHz 400 kc
16 MHz 1 MHz
20-30 MHz > 5 MHz

Antenna modeling data: The Performance.
Assumed vehicle installation is the HMMV

Frequency: 2.0 MHz

Electrical length 9 degrees
Degree Amp. area: 5.7
Est. ground loss: 5.2 Ohms
Overall antenna "Q" 92
Loading coil "Q" 500
RE, (Radiation Efficiency): 2.4%
Rel. Radiated Power: -16.2 dB
Loss Resistance: 8.3 Ohms

Frequency: 5.0 MHz

Electrical Length 28 degree
Degree Amp. Area 14.7
Est. ground loss 3.3 Ohms
Overall antenna "Q" 62
Loading coil "Q" 580
RE 28%
Rel. Radiated power 5.5%
Loss Resistance 2.5 Ohms

Frequency: 10.0 MHz

Electrical length 50 degrees
Degree Amp. Area 26.1
Est. ground loss 2.3 Ohms
Overall antenna "Q" 28
Loading coil "Q" 540
RE 67%
Rel. Radiated Power -1.7 dB
Loss Resistance 1.2 Ohms

Frequency: 15.0 MHz

Electrical length 75 degrees
Degree Amp. Area 31.4
Est. ground loss 1.9 Ohms
Overall antenna "Q" 20
Loading coil "Q" 340
RE 80 %
Rel. Radiated Power -1.0 dB
Loss resistance . 6 Ohms

Note: Above 20 MHz, the antenna is very broad banded and the usable BW is well within the VSRW tolerance of the HF transceiver.
Please state your requirement for HF communication, we will develop and deliver in very short time to your specification.

We only need to know: Max height and diameter of the antenna and its installation for fixed or vehicular use.

Please Contact Us.

Other Hi-Q- Installations and HF antenna developments:
  • Hi-Q-4/2-30 HF Submarine antenna for the HMS GOTLAND
  • Hi-Q-6/2-30 Extreame Short antenna for the Virginia Class US Submarine
  • Hi-Q Emergency HF antenna for Thyssen KRUPP Marine Systems
  • Hi-Q-5/2-30 RT-S for the Stiletto Composite boat.
  • Hi-Q-4/3-30 for the USAF
  • Hi-Q-5/2-30 for the US Army, CEDREC
  • Hi-Q NVIS antenna for the Italian MOD
  • Hi-Q-5//2-30 for the Turkish Military
  • Hi-Q-NVIS antennas for the Homeland Security
  • Hi-Q-Antenna for HF Radar, UCSD Oceanography

Additional Photos (Click to Enlarge)
Hi-Q MC4
The Hi-Q MC-4 with the EB-8 CapHat, full height is: 7�
Hi-Q MC4
The Hi-Q MC-4 antenna only, < 3' tall.
Hi-Q MC4
The Hi-Q MC-4 fixed stn. NVIS position.
Hi-Q MC4
The Hi-Q DC Controller for the MC-4
The Hi-Q-NVIS/Combi antenna.
Plot of the Hi-Q NVIS antenna.
Plot 2. Hi-Q- antenna at 2.0 MHZ.
a   a
a a
a a
a a
Hi-Q-5/2-30 RT-M
Tuning range with 44" whip is: 2.2 to 32 MHz
Antenna height is ONLY 84"
Hi-Q-5/2-30 RT-M
It has the CapHat and the whip
Max height is: 96"
Tuning range is 1.8 to 30 Mhz
This is the HF antenna for the US marines in the companion of the Submarine HF antenna for the Virginia Class.
Hi-Q-5/2-30 RT-M
Antenna has ONLY the CapHat, tuning range is: 2.2 MHz to 32 MHz
Antenna height is ONLY 52"
Hi-Q-5/2-30 HF-M antenna with the CapHat and the whip. Total antenna height is: appx. 84". In this config. the tuning range is from appx. 1.8 MHz to 30 MHz
a a
a a

Hi-Q -5/2-30 All SS antenna on the SOCOM roof.

Hi-Q at 29 Palms USMC base.

Hi-Q at the 29 Palms USMC base.



Photos (Click to Enlarge)

Hi-Q NEW Ruggedized HF ON the MOVE mobile antennas.

Hi-Q NEW Ruggedized HF ON the MOVE mobile antennas.

NEW! Hi-A-DC controller for the MC-3 and the MC4 series of Hi-Q HF On the Move antennas.

(Below) 3D pattern of the Hi-Q NVIS installed on the Humvee




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