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NVIS / HF Combo Antennas:

EZNEC modelled and On the Air tested.

Quick set up NVIS/HF antenna -- less than 5 min. from BOX to on the AIR!

NO NEED for STAKES, HAMMERS, SHOVEL, ROPES, POLES and TWO+ men. Just setup the Tri-Pod and attach the three antennas via the QUICK connects with bayonet fittings.

E-Mail from IRAQ!

From: "Kitchings GS15 David (CF RCT1 3/6 LEP)"
To: "C.M. Gyenes"
Subject: [U] HI Q IRAQ

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Hello Charlie,

I have been so busy and sorry for the time it took to get these photos. The Marines are beginning to understand more about HF and the interest is increasing. Attached are several photos of the TAD NVIS deployed by the USMC here in IRAQ. I have talked to our battalion commander and he is well aware of your contribution and concern. Please feel free to use the photos in any way you wish. It is a done deal...HI Q is talking in IRAQ! I have not had time to contact anyone else yet, but I hope to get to that soon. How is everything going? I will send some other photos in the next email after this one because it may be too much for one "send"


Classification: UNCLASSIFIED


Technical details of the Hi-Q NVIS/Combi antenna.


The new NVIS/Combi antenna is designed around the patented concept of the Hi-QHF antennas.

Two identical H-Q HF antennas are mounted on a coupler box. This coupler box interfaces to the feedline and the control connectors.

At a short distance above ground, for instance on a ground mounted tripod or short pole the take off angle in respect to the horizon will be high, hence NVIS performance.

Hi-Q has gone a step further to enhance the DX (long distance) communication of this antenna set up BY ADDING a third identical Hi-Q HF antenna. This third antenna is paced in a vertical position, on a 90 degree angle in respect to the dipole. The verical radiator can be tuned independently of the dipole.

The whole system now works as a vertical radiator with a tuned resonant radial system. Consequently a lower radiation angle in respect to the horizon is achieved, resulting in an improved long distance performance.

Deployment time needed for this system is less than 10 minutes. With the use of a modern HF transmitter and advanced ARQ digital communication protocols a total independent, light weight and high performance portable communication system can be created.


Basic specifications:


Band:                              Continuously Remotelly Tunable

Frequency:                      2-30 MHz

Max input Power:           1 kW

Wind rating:                    Antennas will handle 50m/s just fine, further depending on  the TriPod or mast fixation

Construction:                  Type 300 series Stainless steel or 6061T6 alu.

Polarization:                   NVIS plus Vertical

Radiation:                       High angle at NVIS, Low angle at Vertical use

Ground Plane:                Not required, as the ground below the NVIS

                                        Providing the counterpoise, and for the Vertical

The NVIS is providing the perfectly tuned counterpoise.


Sizes, Width and Height: 12' with CapHat used, 20’ with Caphat and short whips.

Height:                            12' plus the TriPod or mast height.

Weight:                            15 lbs to 30 lbs, depending on the                                         Hi-Q type.

Controlling/Tuning:         From a simple switch to an
                                        bintelligent tuner

ALE systems can be designed  depending on the remote control features of the radio.



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