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Shipboard Antennas

Shipboard Antennas:

  • For type of vessel: Classified
  • All stainless steel HF antenna
  • Continuously tunable from 2-30 MHz
  • Ruggedized to withstand OVER 15 G's having the vessel running in rough water.
  • Utilizing 316 type stainless steel for the seawater environment.

Basic Specifications:
  • 8' tall with 16" CapHat
  • STD 4.5" BHC mounting flange.
  • "N" connector


Photos (Click to Enlarge)

3/4 view of the Hi-Q-5/2-30 "S" Shipboard antenna. Height is 3' plus 7'6" whip.

Mounting flange, 4.5" BHC

Loading Coil, Hi-Impact composite.
High efficiency is provided by the Hi-Q loading coil, RE is -10.6 DBi @ 2.0 MHz.

CapHat, 16" dia.

HF ShipBoard antenna covering 2-30 MHz.



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