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Submarine Antennas

Hi-Q HF antennas for EXTREMELY restricted spaces, like Submarines -- telescoping mast installation.

The NEW Hi-Q SEA and SUB EXTREME SHORT antennas employ a new technology that allows the ELECTRICAL length of the antenna to be nearly DOUBLE -- as if it was just a vertical radiator.

More details on the Hi-Q Submarine antennas!!! Click Here!!

Click Here to download our powerpoint presentation on our military submarine antennas


Hi-Q Antennas Co. is developing a NEW HF Emergency Submarine antenna externally mounted on a Friendly nation's submarine.

It will be self-contained with built in controller for either DC or Stepper motor drives. Only the RF cable will be connected the Hull Penetrating connector.

�Hi-Q has developed the mounting and Quick Install/Removal hardware for this antenna for the submarine's fin.

The Hi-Q HF antenna products has been widely accepted as the Highest Radiation Efficiency RF Radiator, being remotelly Tunable from 2-30 MHz. It is an Extremely Short monopole antenna with a 1 kW power input.

Hi-Q Antennas has several on going HF Submarine antenna up-grade projects in various stages.

July 2008 we will give a presentation on Efficient HF Submarine Antennas

At the IEEE Antennas and Propagations World Wide Conference, URSI.

Please contact for details and questions on your EXTREAME SHORT HF

Antenna needs.

Charles M. Gyenes


When HF (High Frequency) LONG Distance Communication is a must and ONLY limited space in LENGTH and Diameter is available, then the Hi-Q-4/2-30 SM II. HF antenna must be considered.

Developed for the US Navy System Command for Submarine HF communication from 2 MHz to 30 MHz. The LIMITED space of 92" tall and Maximum of 4" in diameter was given of an existing Radome that telescopes up/down when the Submarine has surfaced. This limited space and antenna parameters comes with losses in the HF frequencies especially at the lowest frequencies.

The Hi-Q antenna designer/developer has MINIMIZED these losses to an acceptable level -- the RE (Radiation Efficiency) is substantially better than ANY Submarine telescopable HF antenna to date.

Another very important benefit is that the Hi-Q antenna is a TUNABLE antenna, IT IS NOT TUNED with an Antenna Tuner or Antenna Coupler! The Hi-Q Loading Coil is located at the approximate center of the 92" available max height. So, it is a CENTER loaded HF antenna.

The TOP SKIRT (normally it would be a flexible whip or a CAGE in the EARLIER models) is acting as a CAPACITY HAT that allows the antenna to tune to resonance at MUCH lower frequencies -- 1.8 MHz! The CONTACTOR now allows the FULL amount of LOADING Coil inductance to be used. As it is TUNED towards the higher frequencies, up to approximately 22 MHz, very LOW VSWR can be maintained (< 2.0:1) After passing 22 MHZ, low VSWR is maintained by use of a matching network.

The photo above shows our antenna installed on a GOTLAND Class submarine.

Hi-Q-NEWS Release 11/07

The NEW Hi-Q-6/2-30HF Submarine antenna has proven to be substantionally better than the Hi-Q-5/2-30 HF submarine antenna! Although it is 4 inches shorter than the -5 antenna, being ONLY 50" tall the Radiation Efficiency is many dBi better than expected.

It has been under test for over 4 mos. Mounted on a large Dodge Van for imitation of a submarine sail.

On the Air test is mostly on 1.800 to 2.000 MHz and 3.600 to 4.000 MHz with either an Icom Pro II. Or a Mobat Micom-2R transceivers with less than 100 watt RF output.

Voice communication on the 160 M band up to 2000-mile radius was achieved and on the 80 M band the Pacific Rim countries and to the US east cost war regularly done at the appropriate times of the day.

Several times the South African station, ZS6CCY was heard on 3.795 MHz, but was not possible to penetrate the huge pile up of stations calling him.

We are very proud of this Extreame Short HF antenna and we are considering a Ham/Commercial version to be released early next year.

Charles M. Gyenes, W6HIQ, HA5CMG

Note: To get a price and delivery quotation for your requirement, please contact us with your requirements. We need to know the Max Height available and Max Diameter available in the Radome.

Additional Photos (Click to Enlarge)

Before Installation

Before Installation

Before Installation

By utilizing the CYLINDER for TOP loading and the 5' Dia. loading coil the RE has substantially improved on the RE of this Submarine antenna.

After Installation on a Gotland Class submarine.


The Hi-Q-4/2-30 Submarine antenna On the Air test.

The Hi-Q-4/2-30 HF Submarine antenna tested as an mobile unit.

The Hi-Q-4/2-30 HF antenna ready for the installation on the GOTLAND Submarine.

The Hi-Q-4/2-30 HF Submarine antenna before encapsulation.

Hi-Q antenna on the GOTLAND Swedish Submarine.

The GOTLAND Submarine Hi-Q-Antenna installation crew.

Full mast length Hi-Q-4/1.6-30 MHz Submarine antenna.

The Hi-Q-6/2-30 HF Submarine antenna.
Max. height: 50"
Max. Diameter: 5.940"
Remotelly tunable from: 1.8-30 MHz
Developed for the US Virginia Class Submarines

The Hi-Q-5/2-30 HF Submarine antenna.
Max. height: 54"
Max. diameter: 5"
Remotelly tunable from 2-30 MHz
The Hi-Q-5/1.8-30 HF Submarine antenna.
Max. height: 60"
Max. diameter: 5"
Remotelly Tunable from 1.8 -30 MHz.
The Hi-Q-4/2-30 RT Submarine antenna.
First installed in the HMS GOTLAND
Submarine in 2007 , San Diego Ca.
The LATEST Hi-Q HF Submarine antenna,
developed for the FUTURE AIP submarine.
Max. Height: 157" (4 meter)
Max. diameter 4" ( 102 mm)
Remotelly Tunable from 1.6-30 MHz
Stepper motor tuned.
The LATEST Hi-Q HF Submarine antenna
Under "On the Air" test.
Max height: 157" (4M)
Max. diameter: 4" (102mm)
Developed for a Future AID Submarine.

The Hi-Q-4/1.6-30 MHz 14' tall Submarine antenna

NEW from Hi-Q Antennas:

HF Emergency Submarine antenna,

SELF contained, TUNED thru the RF cable.
The Stepper motor controller is internal in the lower mast.

Basic dims.:

Five foot tall, plus a 7' whip
Weight: 20 lbs
QUICK mounted into threaded receptacle

Tuning range: 1.6 to 30 MHz
Tuning time variable from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

For more info, contact me at sales@hiqantennas.com

Hi-Q- Radio Independent Control Unit

Regardless of the HF radio make or model it will tune the Hi-Q stepper motor
MC-4 series of HF antennas.

For details contact: sales@hiqantennas.com

Hi-Q Antenna Plots (click to enlarge)

Antenna modeling plot of the Hi-Q-OE-1538 Submarine antenna.

VSWR plot of the Hi-Q /5/2-30 HF antenna.

Open this file with the EZNEC v. 5 Pro antenna modeling software available from Roy, W7EL.



Photos (Click to Enlarge)

The Hi-Q-5/OE-1538 under test
Basic specifications:

  • Continuously tunable from 2-30 MHz
  • Max height = 54"
  • Max Diameter = 5"
  • Weight = 17 lbs
  • 12-28 VDC precision gearhead motor
  • Performance: Over 24 dBi better than currently used submarine antennas.
    Also available with Stepper motor size NEMA-23

  • The Hi-Q-5/OE-1538 is under test on the HAM bands, Mobile

    Production version, ready for shipment.



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